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Gallery FAQ Experiment Result Certificate
Aria Profile Aras Co. Ltd

Aria Profile Aras Aria Profile Aras was established in 2006 in Iran  Aria Profile Aras is honored to be the first manufacturer of 4 chambers UPVC Profiles in Iran. The company's various, high quality products enjoy latest world technology and are produced utilizing Gruber full automated state-of-the-art machineries. Production capacity of this industrial unit is 6000ton annually. Manufacturing UPVC Profiles with different cross sections is one of our vast productions, and our products now fully compete with foreign-manufactured ones. It is also worth noting as PVC is a recyclable and environmentally friendly material, its worldwide usage is incrementally increasing. Aras Aria Profile goal relies on customer-service orientation and quality. Through employing modern methods of efficiency and highly equipped quality control laboratories the company aims to manufacture its products in a creative way during shortest possible time.

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